Sunday, September 27, 2009

Literary Fiction Readers: Check out A Gate at the Stairs

It seems like I am in a phase of reading disturbing books--and Lorrie Moore's newest novel, A Gate at the Stairs, is a continuation of that trend. The book jacket's claim that "Moore's deft, lyrical writing brings us up against the heart of racisim, the shock of war, and the carelessness perpretrated by others in the name of love" is right on the mark! Just as I thought she was taking me in one direction, she veers into another difficult topic and the stories continue to haunt me. It's a very thoughtful book and Moore has a beautiful command of the language, using words to bring life in the Midwest into sharp focus. A very good read in spite of the disturbing subjects--my kind of book--the kind that makes you just sit and think upon finishing the last chapter. I am inspired to read more of her work, especially the book with the delightful title, Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?

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