Monday, May 16, 2016

Reading into Retirement!

It's been a full year since I retired from full-time employment.  I figured that full-time retirement would give me plenty of time to READ--but surprisingly, that has not been the case. Oh sure, I have read some great books.  But during the past year, I also discovered how amazing it is to finally "have the time" to work on projects that you "have always wanted to do."   Some of my projects have included, 1. Painting all the rails on a big red barn (two coats).  2.  Filling an old farm feed bunk with dirt and flowers. 3.  Cleaning out the three stall garage so that three cars could actually be parked inside the three stalls.  4.  Turning a bedroom into an office.  5.  Collecting milkweed seeds, planting milkweed seeds, and tagging monarch butterflies.  6. Acquiring shelves and then organizing a very large book collection upon them.  7.  Joining boards and committees for great organizations and projects.  8.  Finally having the time to more fully appreciate nature, by taking walks, enjoying wildflowers, and hunting for mushrooms.

Another project I "always wanted to do" was to do more writing--which I have done--just not on a blog.  So today, I am finally back to my blog with the best of intentions.  And we will see where it goes.  It's been four years since my last posting!

Shortly after retiring, I started my own little business.  I call it KICK Marketing (the acronym I  like is Keeping It Creatively Kaiser) and it is designed as a way for me to continue my passion for books, authors, and events.  I've quite a bit of writing--helped a couple of clients with some newsletters, a few news releases, and planned several author events.  Now, I am looking forward to helping a local art gallery host book-signings and of course, I love helping Alice at Beaverdale Books in publicizing local writers.    I've had the pleasure of getting to know dozens of new people in Perry thanks to a Latino grant project (which included some library events and an author event with Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Sonia Nazario, and now I am working with folks at Perry Public Library, the Forest Park Museum, and the Carnegie Library to put on some more fun author events.  I will be writing about them soon.

Last month, I hosted members of the Published Authors Liaison who were blown away by the Carnegie Library Museum and LaPoste in Perry.  And I have even had a couple of author events at the Hotel Pattee--Zachary Michael Jack with his hilarious book Corn Poll and J. Ryan Stradal for his marvelous story called Kitchens of the Great Midwest.   And I can't forget the memorable evening with one of my all-time favorite poets, James Autry who brought his wonderful words to LaPoste for a very special event sponsored by Hometown Heritage.

Last week, I fell and sprained my ankle--while enjoying nature and hunting for mushrooms!  It's a bad sprain--but it's not all bad.  You see, it forced me to sit with my foot up--and sitting at the computer with my foot elevated, gave me the incentive to return to this blog.  Then, while re-reading some of my past postings, I was reminded that many of my friends really do like to know what I'm reading--and I love recommending books to them.

So here goes--I'm back to blogging.  And we will see where it leads.   Thanks for reading.