Sunday, September 13, 2009

Difficult Subject Makes for A Depressing Yet Worthwhile Read

I had read about the book Methland and decided that since it is set in Oelwein, a small town in Iowa, I should probably read it. But it is not a book that you can just sit down and read all at once. Having grown up in a small town and still residing in the same place, I fully appreciate the story of how a town can be significantly affected by the influx of meth.

During the '80's, as my kids were born and started school, I became acquainted with more than a few families where the parents had become addicted and I saw first-hand the devastating results of such addictions. Reading Methland, it is almost like the author, Nick Reding, could be talking about my own town as the characters are familiar and the results similar. It is a very difficult story to read, simply because it hits so close to home. I was particularly surprised by the big businesses that were involved in creating and perpetuating the problems. Reding deserves a lot of credit for tackling the subject--often putting himself in harm's way, in the pursuit of the story!

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