Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Brave New World of Mobile Apps

If someone had told me ten years ago, that I would spend much of my day "chatting, skyping, posting, tweeting, and eBooking," I probably would have wondered what language they were speaking! But sure enough, here it is 2011 and indeed, I am spending a good portion of every day doing just that.

With each app that I add to my cell phone or tablet, I take another baby step forward in this brave new world of technology. We recently started adding QR codes to our posters! But then I learn about something called "augmented reality" and am told that "QR codes" may be short lived. I read about web sites that you can create with information to be used after you die! I still haven't quite figured out how to "skype" with my long-distance" kids but it's definitely on my to do list. And although I am not a "gamer," I can see where Fruit Ninja, could be addictive.

I think that one of the best uses of recent technology has to be free eBooks from the DMPL. They are relatively easy to download, don't cost a thing, and are a wonderfully handy way to always have a book at hand whenever you have a spare moment to read! (BTW, I discovered that my tablet equipped with an eBook offers a great way to survive a "middle of the night hot flash!" You don't have to turn on a light. Just open up your tablet, set on nighttime mode, toss off the blanket to cool off, read for a bit, and then close your tablet to snuggle back down once you've returned to a normal temp!)

Wondering what I'm reading? Enjoying tremendously Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys audio book read by an amazing actor named Lenny Henry. Also, 3/4 of the way through an interesting ARC called, The Submission, by Amy Waldman. It's a fascinating fictional account about a propsed 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero that supporters discover was designed by a Muslim. Interesting social dilemna.

However, my real reason for writing this blog was to highlight an upcoming program we will be offering at the Central Library on Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM, called Mobile Apps 4 Anyone. Hopefully, Shayne Huston, the presenter, will inspire me to take a few more "baby-steps" into the ever-expanding world of technology! Hope to see you there!

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