Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mysteries by Laura Lippman

Sometimes I like to read for an escape. Considering the weather we have had these past few days, escape sounds pretty good. So I have been enjoying a couple of mysteries by Laura Lippman. Laura is one of our AViD authors and I always like to read several books by each of our authors so that I have a better handle on what they've written. It's always fun to talk books with the authors while I am driving them from the airport, to dinner, and such.

Laura's books are all set in Baltimore and although I have been there once a long time ago, I don't know much about the city. Laura writes in great detail and makes the city sound so interesting. The book I am reading right now is based on the tradition of a visitor that leaves a half bottle of Cognac and some roses on the grave of Edgar Allen Poe. It's a fun read. Tess Monaghan is quite a character. Reminds me alot of Stephanie Plum in the Janet Evanovich mysteries.

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