Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Do Tomatoes, Vampires, Pixies, and Princesses Have in Common?

If you are a fan of urban fantasy writer Kim Harrison, you surely know the answer. If you haven’t yet discovered Harrison’s writing, you might want to head to the East Side Library on Tuesday, March 1 at 6:30 PM to find out.

Author of The New York Times bestseller Black Magic Sanction, Harrison will stop by on tour for her newest book, Pale Demon. It’s the story of what happens when an elf, a pixie, a living vampire and a witch who dabbles in black magic are forced to travel 2300 miles cross-country (in three days or less), jammed into an ‘89 blue Buick. Harrison is one of the leading voices in urban fantasy with more than 2.5 million copies currently in print.

Fantasy readers may be more familiar with Harrison’s writings under the pen name of Dawn Cook, where she is known for her Decoy Princess and Truth series, published in the first few years of the 21st century. As Kim Harrison, she is best known for her Rachel Morgan urban fantasy series set in an alternate history where a worldwide pandemic caused by genetically modified tomatoes led to the death of a large portion of the world's human population. In 2008, Harrison was described by HarperCollins Voyager Publishing Director Jane Johnson as the best example of the urban fantasy sub-genre which she described as, "the supernatural erupting into the everyday—sexy, tongue-in-cheek, postmodern.”

The bio on her web site says, “Kim Harrison was born and raised in the upper Midwest. After gaining a Bachelor degree in the sciences, she moved to South Carolina, where she remained until recently moving back to Michigan because she missed the snow. She's currently developing a young adult series between working on the Hollows books and a Hollows-based graphic novel. Harrison and is a member of both the Romance Writers of America and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. When not at her desk, she's most likely to be found landscaping her new/old Victorian home, or scouring antique shops to fill it.”

According to Kim's blog, she was “the only girl in a large family of boys and invented the first Brigadier General Barbie in self-defense.” She notes that she “shoots a very bad game of pool and rolls a very good game of dice. When not at her keyboard, she enjoys lounging on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching action movies with The-Guy-In-The-Leather-Jacket. She plays her Ashiko drum when no one is listening, and is hard to find when the moon is new.”

I can’t wait to meet her!

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